Thursday, November 02, 2006

Out For Dinner

So the other day Scott, Sandra, Jordan and I went out for dinner. We went to the Sooke harbor house and enjoyed a wonderful 8 course meal! One of my friends named Jenny that used to live on Thetis Island, then she went to school to become a chef, and is now the Soux Chef at the harbor house cooked for us!This was a soup, that was made of kale, it was a baked apple inside the middle stuffed with goats cheese and some other stuff. It was good.
Smoked and sired tuna, onto of a pickled bean and pepper salad, with some sauces!
Sired Salmon on the left, a white bean filled croquet and on the right a piece of pickled beet. The sauces were a scallion sauce, and a apple quince sauce.
Sweet chili chicken tenders, (the best Chinese food ever) ontop of sliced rutabaga and served with two sauces, I forget what was in them, but they were good.
Steamed Sable fish, toped with green beans, in a pine mushroom and seafood broth, it was on the salty side.
Duck course! Wow this one was really good~ I love duck, it was ontop of chantrell mushrooms rolled inside of a thin strip of rutabaga. Mini pumpkin on the top of the plate with some broccoli.
This was the cheese course, some really good cheeses! Goats, cows and even a blue!
This was the last one by this time it was round 10:30 I think, was started at 6:30, we had a poppy seed angle food cake, with a poached pear ontop. In front of that was strawberry icecream, with a red wine reduction. That was the end
This is Jenny cooking the duck for us! Thank-you Jenny and Sandra for making this happen for us. The meal should have cost us $100 each but they covered it for us! Wow thanks so much!