Saturday, December 10, 2005

One Good Looking Crew!!!

I wanted to give you some insight into who I have to go to work with. Their is never a day that is not filled with some sort of surprise. I love them all their a wonderful team I think they even Like me! This pic is from right after the Christmas banquet which was a little tirering. I will tell you all about the banquet soon. I just got the pics and I'm looking though them to find the best pics of it.

Religious experience

I know this is the same pic as on April's Blog, but I feel like I should share with you all my side of the story. We all went out to Steeples restaurant. (Steeples Webpage)Scott, Christine, April, Kevin, Liz and I went out and it was great. So I thought I should tell you what I had!

To Start I Had
Traditional Baked French Onion
Kettle Simmered Veal Broth & Golden Brown Mozzarella Top
Pan~Seared Duck Breast
Merridale Cider Marinated, Local Saskatoon Berry Sauce, Butternut Squash & Chorizo Puree, Seasonal Vegetables

The Food Was great. We got there a little late, and it took a while to get our food, but when we got it we were all very happy with what we got. Its fun to go out once in a while for great food.

When Scott and I went on our holiday we went to a few good restaurants. A couple that stood out to me were Feenies (Feenies Webpage) I highly recommend this restaurant to those in the Vancouver area who want a little more than casual dining. I also enjoyed the Steamworks (Steamworks Webpage) This is a great place to go to in the evening to watch the game or to just go out with your friends.

I like to go out, I enjoy good service, and great food. When these things go hand in hand I really don't mind giving a good tip. I love when your being served with out even knowing that your being served like a water glass always being full. When the server is there to serve but not there to long to hang out like were best friends.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Share Christ's love at Christmas with a Russian Child

The Stuff a Stocking Project of Soar international (Soar's Webpage) this is a great way to share with children, what Christmas is.Many of these Children have never been given a gift before. So for them to get a gift is one thing, but that they can open it up, and find that their are gifts inside, is even better. OK so here is the deal $35 is all it costs. What Soar does is they take the money and buy every thing in Russia. Russia likes this it brings in money and takes care of their kids. One of our students here at Capernwray is involved in this wonderful ministry. Its a small version of the Shoe box gifts, form Operation Christmas Child Samaritans Purse I hope you take the time to check out both. I can't wait to be involved. in addition to spending the $35 they also want you to write a short note to one of the children, this is a way to personalize it for them so that when they compare with each other the see that every note is different and specially written to them and only them.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Big Fat Dinner

Today we went to the Mustard Seed annual dinner for the homeless in Victoria.Steve K. and I went down to help with the cooking. Steve and I had one plan and one plan along, by the end of the day we would have every one in the kitchen saying GOOD! Thats really Good, or things like I look Good! I mean I look really good! It was fun! The first person that really said that things were good was our new friend Arron who we can't even look at because he was on T.V. Today because he is one of the students of the Esquimalt School the place where we cooked the meal at, any way he started to say good with us it was GOOD, I mean really GOOD! To the side is our boss Lynn She even started to say that things were Good, but she took a while. I sliced meat the whole time we were their. I'm not sure how much but 1000 people are going to be feed tonight. Something like 600 pounds of potatoes 2 or 3 sacks of onions for the stuffing along plus about 5-6 garbage bags full of bread for the stuffing. Numbers that are really big. Steve and I had a lot of fun, I love to go down and work with them, their real people wanting to serve other real people. Long and hard days they all put into serving the homeless and its easy for me to go down on a sunday and volunteer a couple hours but the people of the Seed do this every day they love the people they work with. this is not just a big dinner to give hand-outs, but more like a family dinner to share with their family.

A Big Thank You to all the volunteers who serve among the home-less, in a soup kitchen or in a clinic where ever, a place to be safe and cared for is what you provide, and most important is your love for them. Caring for them is how you love them!

Friday, December 02, 2005

bla bla bla


Chocolate Orange Torte

mmm... Chocolate Orange Torte is a great recipie to do around the holidays. I have done this one for the students around christmas last year. It's like eating a piece of fudge, but in the form of a cake. This torte is wheat free so its low on the carbs, well their might be a few things that are not the greatest for you, but its the holidays now you can enjoy for a bit.

1.5 cup Butter
12 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate (Callebaut Chocolate)
3/4 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Orange Juice
1 tea spoon Vanilla
6 Eggs
White Chocolate Shavings (Callebaut Chocolate)

In a double boiler over hot, not boiling water melt together butter, chocolate, sugar and orange juice, stirring to a blend. Remove from heat and stir in Vanilla and let cool. Whisk in the eggs, and strain through a strainer into a pie dish. Bake at 350F for 40-45 minutes, until edge is slightly crusty and middle is just set. Let cool, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 12 hours up to 24. I like to serve it with a raspberry sauce and some White Chocolate Shavings. Enjoy it!

Most of you know that my dad is a baker, well I remember when I was young I would always look for the chocolate. He would be really good at keeping it from me, but their were times when I would find it. I was even called Chocolate Andy form time to time. Well I remember the Chocolate he used was Callebaut Chocolate (There is a link on the side in the food stuff links) I really still like Callebaut Chocolate, but I am cutting back on eating it. But even this morning at work I was using it for a Dessert, I did have a little snack. Belgian Chocolate far out does any Chocolate, Germans have their Milka with the purple Cow, The Brits have Cadbury which is good really really good (It really is Amie I mean it) But I'm form Holland and I don't even think that the dutch can make Chocolate, but the belgians, if it has Callebaut stamped into it, I know its going to be good, White, Milk, and even Dark.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Last night was a great time, with my new friends from Alaska. James asked me a while ago that if he where to bring down some fish from Alaska if I would cook it for him, well did I ever cook fish last night. It was a blast we really had a good time, with the best part the DISHES after they all left!
It was funny I told the students from Alaska to all bring one friend so they could share with them what it is like in Alaska, well the girls all came on time of coures so here I was hanging out with 6 girls waiting for James to show up, even Scott would have done fine, but as many of you know me I don't mind... Above are the Alaskan Students.
To the right is me cooking, or I should say finnishing what the grill took to long to do. I love to grill, I use a Holland Grill, not because I'm Dutch and I like Holland, but because the Grill is really good (I have a link to their site on the side) The Holland Grill is sometimes a little slow (as Chuck Pinches Likes to call it the Dutch Slow cooker) Well yes its slow but it does a great job when you let it do its thing. When you open it up it takes a while to heat up again so "WHEN YOUR LOOKEN YOUR NOT COOKEN".
Lots of fun, if you ever get the chance to go to a Alaskan Fish fry go it will be worth to just watch them have fun. We asked them if they could live in Maui or Alaska they all said Alaska for sure. I think it would be fun to go their some time to visit. Then I can go and catch my own fish and fry them fresh.
MMM... that sounds great. As you can see the house was full, loads of laughs and we even had Moose tracks for dessert the Ice cream that is!

Marshmallow Warfare

So a couple of weeks ago Scott and I went down to seattle for a week of holidays. We went to see a few friends of ours. One of our stops was at the homestead with Greg Miller and the first night we were there Greg thought it would be funny to pull out his marshmallow gun and started to take shots at Scott and I. All in good fun. Well Scott and I being the good guys that we are, cam home and the first thing we did was went to the shop to make our own guns to have a "little fun" with Greg. You see Greg was to come and teach here the next week, well at staff meeting as Greg was sharing with the staff about something, Scott and I pulled out our guns and started to take shots at him, all the staff though it was great, which had Scott making guns for some of the staff.
Since then Scott and I have had a couple of marshmallow fights, and you never know when your safe in the house.
The other day Jordan was over, we had just come back from a Kupper Island gym night and he came over to watch a movie. Jordan was asleep before the end. I looked at Scott and said Marshmallow guns, he looked back and before we knew it we found our self shooting Jordan. Jordan was really sleeping good because we were getting some really good shots at his face and he still didn't wake up. So I thought it would be fun to share this fun with Kevs so I ran to get kev and he came over for some target practice. Well after a while Jordan woke up but was really unsure of what was going on.