Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some new desserts @ Capes!

The First new dessert is Pavlova! MMM I love this dessert and its been taking a while for me to really learn how to make these Ausie wonders. These Pavlovas were made for the learders retreat during spring break here at Capernwray. The first picture is the finished product.

A few in a row!

and these are the plates which we garnished each plate, chocolate for the borders and Kiwi and Strawberry sauces. It was a blast to make we only did about 30 plates.

The next dessert was a strawberry Soup which we also served during this conference it was purred strawberry's with club soda for a little fiz and fresh strawberry's for some texture. A scoop of lemon Gelato and some lemon peel for color!

So now you can all try this at home, and all come over and enjoy it with you!

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Chefs Breakfast!

So what does a guy who cooks for a living eat for breakfast, no kidding I had hash browns and eggs this morning.So maybe my Idea of hash browns and eggs differ from others, but non the less, I thought I would start off with some potatoes and cut them up like home fries, and fried and baked them with some seasoning, in a separate pan I fried off an egg and cut it with a cooking cutter. I took the hash browns and put them into a ring mould and steamed some asparagus and layed them on the home fries and then placed the egg on top, served with some spicy BBQ Sauce that I made a week ago, and your on your way to a great day. You all should do this for your self, its great to eat first class at home!

Focaccia Bread

So I love Focaccia Bread, Like I really LOVE it, so as I was telling you all I got a new book (Bread Baker's Apprentice) and in it I found a great recipe for Focaccia Bread. So I made a Loaf and it turned out great, I brought it with me to harbourview last night and every one loved it! I love the book, but every thing takes at least 2 days, but it was worth it!

Back Porch Gospel!

Steve and I joined a gospel band for one night, why only one night well we think that we may have been a little to good for them, me on the washboard and Steve with the egg shaker

It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it, now besides making great music I can even clean my laundry, so that's very exciting, It was fun to have the group from summerland here for a few days, they are fun and full of energy which is fun to be around. Soon I'll be back in Summerland and it will be fun to see every one again. Only 2 more weeks.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kitchen Aid

So the other day I got a Kitchen Aid mixer from a guy that Scott and I met on our holidays in Seattle, I was at this guys (David Flin) house for a bible study one night, and after we finished we went into his kitchen and I told him that one day I would love to own a mixer like his. He told me that its a wonderful mixer and said that I should get one some day! Well the other day Lawrence and Lori went down their and David gave Lawrence the mixer to give to me! He told me in a note that him and his wife bought a new one!
The other thing I bought for my self was a new cook book. The Bread bakers Apprentice and its been a great book to get in to, but the recipes take more than a day each so you need patience for it. So the mixer came at a good time, and I can't wait to use it lots!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebrity Spotting

Steve and I went on town run the other day and guess who we spotted Matt Damon was on the Thetis Island Ferry, with freinds of ours Jen Jacobson and Terri Loewn. I never thought I would see him here. You hear about famous people on their fancy boats, but on our ferry thats crazy!

Food Show!

Well the other day Jordan, Chris and I went to Vancouver for the day to go to the BC Food Service Expo at BC Place Stadium. It was a good time to learn new things about the food, equipment, and every thing else to do with the kitchen. Every thing from new products and how to use them to a small version of IRON CHEF with chefs from the lower mainland. Lots to see, lots of walking, Lots and I mean Lots of samples and then you go back to the ones you really like and sample some more.

The first picture are the two Iron Chef plates, and the second picture was a plate from an other competition that day I liked the way it looked. Oh yeah if you want to know more check it out at,
  • Confession Time #2

    So some of you (AMIE) have been asking me where I have been. Whats happening with your blog. Well I'm not going to lie to you lately my internet time has been spent at an other webpage. A couple of weeks ago Kevin was playing Settlers Of Catan online and I was sucked in. I have been playing it lots and even wining lots. This was a game I played just before posting today. Any way all those who like the game, but have no one to play with when you want to. The internet has lots of people who love to play.
    Check out JAVA SETTLERS online, It takes a minute to load, then enter a nickname, Like I'm "andyw" and then you can start a game or join a game. when you join a game you play with others or you can just start one and play by your self (That works good when your tight on time, but really want to play) If you are playing look for a game called 'CHBC' this is what Kevin and I call our games and join in!
  • Settlers ONLINE