Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well its my birthday today, and its been very special, more and more I love Amie, and the little things she does, she bought me a really cool blue and white stipe Apron, and a very cool North Face Jacket. Others got me cool things, mostly to do with food.

My mom and dad were out here this weekend and they bought me a Ice cream cake from Dairy Qween, and tonight I was about to get it, as we took a break in our home groups (Study Projects) I went out to the freezer to get it, and as I was about at the door, Christine was comeing out of the Laundry room with a even bigger Ice cream cake, it was really funny, because I was going to get my cake. I love Icecream Cakes from Diary Qween, the ones with the chocolate fudge in the inside.

So I had a wonderful day, thank you all, for the cards and phone calls. To my Family for calling and singing to me, and getting more and more excited about the wedding. Oh I'm so excited!