Saturday, April 29, 2006

More LEGO!!!

A night of the bean game turned into playing with Lego, and it was a blast! The big thing we built, well Johannes and I really were the main builders on this one!

This is me holding the bridge!

This is Lois holding here tall white guy thing, I'm not sure what to call it, but she had fun building it and tossing all the red and blue pieces to me

This is Erin, her and Johannes are here visiting she really wanted a picture with the bridge! Ok maybe I talked her into having the picture taken!

Last but not least, Johannes holding the bridge he was a big part in building it, the bridge deck and the green part was all him!

So when we finished playing we played the bean game, Lois won, but don't worry I got second!

Un-Rest in LEGO Land!

As you can tell if the Polizei (Police) have to come out there might be crime happening! Well as you guessed it, its true the bad guy was driving away in the Land Rover (if it was a Land Cruiser he would be a good guy, bad guys always have Rovers!)

So the Police man got out of his Patty Wagon and with a loud voice said freeze! The bad guy pointed over to the Big Wheeler and said, if you think that I'm bad look at him!

He is driving on another car, is that not criminal or what! So the Police man thought to him self, its a good thing I have this Patty wagon, I can put the bad guy driving the Big Wheeler in the back, and also the guy that was driving the Land Rover for driving a Land Rover instead of a Land Cruiser!
So now as you can tell every thing is back to normal in LEGO Land. As some of you might know the only way that this story was possible was because Amie has bought me all this LEGO, thank you so much its lots of fun to be 26 and still playing with LEGO. Oh the only thing that would let this story have a happy ending is if their were a LEGO Land Cruiser! But I'm sure they are very very hard to find!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Time away with Amie

Its safe to say that Amie and I had a wonderful time in Summerland. Below are some pics of our week. She wanted me to pose for the first one, this is behind the old bakery. That was me a long time ago.

A Picture of Tessa, my wonderful nice. We had such a good time with the family.

Me and the Kids

We went to kelowna for the day, Shopping in the mall, we met up with Jolanda and John in the home depot, lululemon, and to the Toyota dealer it was so cool the new Land Cruiser is out so we went to look and to sit inside.

This is just a picture of me looking good!!!

We went out to earls with Jolanda and Tessa. Jolanda and I had to go every time I'm home, Cajun Chicken Cesar Salad. MMM So Good!

Amie ontop of Giants Head Mountain in Summerland, We finally got around to touring around Summerland on the last day.

We had a wonderful time, went out lots for coffee and meals, hung out with family lots and even worked for a day. The kids love Amie, Who wouldn't! I'm so very thankful that we would do this.