Saturday, September 16, 2006

This one is for all of you!

So Its been way to long since I blogged! I'm very sorry, I thought I would give you a quick update!

The Summer went great I would say, I got to do tones of things! Amie was here that was wonderful! I got to go to Alaska, Lots of wonderful people came for Holiday Bible Weeks (Capernwray) it was fun to catch up with old guests! We had a great men's conference and the summer finished up a few weeks after that!

Staff conference came and went! It was great to have the millers from the homestead, and Steve and Matt from Capernwray Quebec, and even meeting dean from Quebec! It was a good time to rest and not cook thanks to the Koenigs! Good Teaching, and wonderful hang out time!

I went on a nice boat ride with Scott, Liz, and Christine a couple of weeks ago to Wallace Island! We had a great salmon BBQ and walked around! We found this old truck and I thought I would pose in it!

The New students came yesterday! Its great to have a new group here! I like to meet them all, but its so hard to remember their names! I'll try! I can't wait to get to know the guys and have them over for steaks and all those great things!

Well that's it for a while, I hope to update you sooner than the last time! I'm planning to be in Summerland in a couple of weeks for my cousin Steves wedding, I hope to see lots of people then! Well have a great day!!!