Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Theater Of Dreams

When we drove from home, we went down the road and turned down on our way to the Lowry Center. We parked in the car park and walked through the mall and walked over to the big red cinema (Movie theater) and walked right through and walked over to a big window, and then we saw it with our own two eyes, John (Amies dad), Toni (Amies Cousin) and I We saw it OLD TRAFORD The Theater of dreams, Where Manchester United Plays!

We walked over to a coffee shop for a Mocha and then we made our way over to the stadium, It was like nothing I had ever seen before, Whole streets closed off, it was crazy, so much fun with over 77,000 people to do the same thing, watch Man Unt win, which they did.

These pictures I took a Last year, When I was here.
These are the crowds as you get nearer they get bigger.
Man Unt. in the red, and Wigen Athletic in blue, Man U. won 3-1 it was very exciting~

It was a very fun time out, I really enjoyed it all, Thank you John so much!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Our Trip to Durham

Amie and I went up to Durham for a couple of days. We went up because she wanted to show me where she has spent the last year and a half! It was a wonderful time to see this beautiful place! I Just loved the whole thing! I'll tell you a little about the place! This first picture is of one of the bridges going into the town sqaure. I wanted to put in a picture of the Square as well, but it did not work.This is a sign post. Legend has it that When C.S. Lewis was in durham, one of these lamposts was his insperation for Narnia!
This is Prebends Bridge .
This was the view from the front of St. Marys Collage where Amie, Lived in her first year. You can almost see the Cathedral from any were in town. Its very impressive.
This is Amie, at St. Marys, Its the sign.
This is Amie, at her house in Durham.
This is Amie, at Brown sugar we had Hot Chocolates there! They were a little on the sweet side of things!
We walked round a lot, we went out for some really good meals, we enjoyed the train ride, it was such a wonderful time! I Can't wait to go back some day, its such a picture perfect place, old buildings and cool rivers, and stone steets! I really liked it!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Our day in the city!

On Monday Amie and I went into town, It was nice to get out for the day. We went to do some shopping, some eating and even went on a giant wheel. Yeah thats right, we went on the gaint wheel, in exchange Sqaure. It was lots of fun. I like going into town, its really cool and old looking! Some parts their is no trafic this makes it nice to walk round! It seems hard to really even talk about, because This happened on monday, and I have been trying to upload pics and its not been working. We had some really good german bratwurst on a bun, This is what we also had last year, and we really like them! This is me eating mine!Then we went on the wheel! It was so much fun to see things from this view! We wanted to go last year, and then I think that I backed out! But It looked so cool, So this year we did go!
This was a great pic that Amie took, and I liked it very much, well see takes most of the pics, except for the ones of her!
This is us in the wheel! It was nice to spend this time with her! Wow, and we still have such a long time to do things and hang out!
Thats it for now!! Soon there will be more!

From Dinner to England!

So its been a while since I last bloged, I know (for every one that's been bugging! Me!) But Here I am in England, and Its great to be here with Amie, I have been in the country for about a day know, and I have just woken up, about an hour ago I think, and Amie made me some eggs, bacon and toast.... And Coffee which I really needed.

From Thetis to England, a long trip it was, Ted and Scott Dropped me off at the ferry, right after we watched a movie, I got on with about 6 other people, there were hardly any one on it! But lucky for me the 6 that were on the ferry, were also going to the airport, we all caught a taxi together, which saved us a lot of money. I hung out for about 6 hours and got on the plane, few to Ottawa, then hung, there for 3 hours, dinner (lunch Thetis time) Then got on an other plane to London, I wanted to go to the Manchester gate, but found out I had two bags, which I needed to get rid of one, so I checked it! Then got over to my gate, All this talk about being strict with bags, and liquids is very true! But It all worked out very well.

Now the best part, of the whole, trip was that all my bags came out right away, And the very best part was that when I walked out, Amie was there waiting for me, and we hugged and it was great! She took me home, We hung out for a bit, and then I slept for a couple of hours, I woke up and (Well Amie, woke me up) We hung out and I rested for a bit and watched The X factor That was good, Leona won!

We went to drop off Helen, Amies mom off at church and I drove, it was the first time on the left side, it was fun, but I will still need some more practice. We came home to go back to church to go to the Carroll sing time! It was good, but I'm afraid I slept trough most of it.

So we came home and I basically went to bed. The next thing was that I woke up this morning and I already talked about that. Were going into town to St. Anne square for the European market which is a lot of fun.

I'm hoping to keep every one in touch with what were doing! Hope every one is doing well!


P.S. I seem to be able to recieve E-Mail, but for now I'm unable to send it! I'm sorry!