Sunday, July 30, 2006


So two weeks ago, Amie and I bought a kite, and we are really enjoying the whole kiting thing, except I broke it last week, while we are still trying to fix it! And it is fixable, but we want to do it right! So when we were in Tofino we found a kite shop we saw this really cool Box Kite, its called the triad, and its made by the same people who made our big kite, so this is Amie putting it together!
This is Amie, eating a very large cookie! We were at a coffee shop having a few coffees and eating this very cookie! We were reading through a really cool book, I think its called 'places to see before you die' it was a book about the really cool places in the world, I think we want to go to them all!
These two pictures are off a van that was parked on the side of the road in Tofino. There are so many weird people, the man that was with the van, was Singing with some music and I guess showing off his dream catchers? It was funny

This is Amie and I at a place called 'Light house point' well that's what I'm calling it! It was fun we went here on Saturday night! It was fun we had some seats out on the rocks and then saw the sun set, which we have a picture of below!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Amie is here

This is Amie and I, its so nice to have her here! I have enjoyed spending our time together! Lots more to come!

I'm Home, Like 4 weeks ago!!!

So I am back, but it took me a while to get things together to tell you all about it!, you could say that I was a little... Well I had things to do (AMIE IS HERE!!!)
Me with some big stone thing, it looks like the 2010 thing for the Olympics!
This was the seafood platter that I had when I was out with Scott and Steph for dinner the first night I was there!
This is the worlds largest chocolate fountain or I think it is any way, MMM Lots of chocolate!
This was my fishing guide, DAVE he was really good, I mean I caught a big stick, and it looked good, I was going for a 50 pounder king, but I have to do with a stick
This is me at like 10:45 at night it never got dark it was really cool, so a picture with the clock was my proof!
This is me holding some of the food that I made, and me looking good in my new jacket! (It has my name on it and a Dutch Flag)
Scott and Steph, and I this is the happy couple, shortly after this picture was taken they jumped into the mustang and drove away to the airport and off to Hawaii
This is me at the end of the evening, I was a little tired and felt like a drink, don't worry its apple!!! HA HA
This it the Turner Family, these are the wonderful folks I stayed with, they are not hicks even thought this is how they get around! They are really cool, I enjoyed this Time I got to spend with them!
Moose! Yeah, I'm really tight with the moose, I went out and hung out with it, we talked, it was great (I did not go right up to it, they are really big, strong and dangerous)